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My story.

Thank you for wanted to learn more about me. I've been an artist since I was a kid. Always wanting to tell stories trough drawings.

When I started in the entertainment industry I was "on stage" as am actor/stuntman. I did that for a few years and realized I was better behind the scenes and that's when I discovered sculpting. 

After sculpting for years I started a Halloween Mask Company. We sold custom mask's series and created stories based off them. That's when I started writing. We received such amazing response with the stories behind the masks it pushed me further into entertainment. 

I decided to expand my knowledge and went to school for Visual Effect at "Gnomon" and since then Iv'e been working on various projects from Film to Video games. Once I decided to do my first short film"Ashley". Iv'e been knee deep in film and cinematography story telling.